The Kreepy Kraulys Story

Kreepy Kraulys are one of the most recognizable pool accessories and automatic pool cleaners in the world. Its popularity has continued to grow to this day and is a very common sight in many Australian backyards.

Kreepy Kraulys are the original pool cleaners and were invented by a South African engineer Ferdinand Chauvier. The first prototype of the Kreepy Krauly was devised in 1951 but it wasnt until 1974 that the Kreepy Krauly we know today was first born. Chauviers Kreepy Kraulys revolutionized swimming pool cleaning around the world and took the hassle out of pool cleaning forever.

The idea for the Kreepy Krauly developed over time. The need for an automatic cleaner had become apparent to Chauvier and his son Daniel, who at that time was selling pool products door to door. Daniel was exposed to pool owners great dislike for pool cleaning. This knowledge combined with Chauviers hydraulics engineering background created the idea for the original Kreepy Krauly.

The 1974 version of the Kreepy Krauly was made from a combination of wood and rubber tubing which were originally melted together on Chauviers kitchen stove. Daniel took the Kreepy Krauly to his customers and showed them how it worked. What he discovered was that many pool owners were reluctant to let them go. The Kreepy Krauly was a success.

In 1978 the wooden version of the Kreepy Krauly received a make over and got its first plastic injection moulding so that it looked more like the Kreepy Krauly we know today. This visual make over was the first of many for the Kreepy Krauly. Interestingly though the original patented design of the Kreepy Krauly, with some minor technological improvements over the years, has essentially stayed the same for over 27 years. It is because of its outstanding design that Kreepy Krauly is a favourite amongst pool owners.

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