There are many ways to promote profitable affiliate programs online. Here are a few common methods: 1. Write an article based on the affiliate program that you wanted to promote and at the end of the article, promote the affiliate program with your unique affiliate link. 2. Create a new review site to review Clickbank’s products. Then inside the review, have your affiliate link that’s linking to the products. 3. Create as many fresh social pages as possible by using social sites like,,, etc. There are a lot more other methods to promote affiliate programs! But I do affiliate marketing slightly differently, so does the entire repertoire smart affiliate marketers today. You see, we do not promote affiliate programs directly. All of our promotions funnel into just one purpose – and that’s into a -squeeze page- to build a mailing list! Here is an example of a squeeze page:

Let me explain WHY building a list is ALWAYS much better than promoting affiliate programs to your first time website visitor, aka, your traffic: Yes, you may make more money (and a little faster) if you promote an affiliate program directly. But you get to promote it just one time! So if they purchase the product through your affiliate link, you’ll make the commission, but you’re not going to make another commission unless you start the process all over again! This means that you’ll ALWAYS be working, both day and night. And what if they do not buy the recommended affiliate program on your page? Well then, all of your effort and money will simply go down the drain. But let’s look at the second situation where you’ll drive traffic to a squeeze page instead- If you build a list, theoretically, you can promote to the same subscriber as many times as you see fit! So when you have a list, you can be reaching your prospect at any time of the day you wish, thus, allowing you to control or even predict your income! So let me just paint you a simple illustration: Assuming you already have 5,000 subscribers in your list and you mail out as little as just once a week. Now, to make the math simple, let’s say you’ll make $20 per sale – and if only 1% of them buy, you’ll be making at least $1,000 per week! All this is done by just sending out an email! 1. Send out one email per week to 5,000 subscribers 2. Affiliate program pays out $20 per sale 3. 1% of subscribers purchase and you make $1,000 per week! That’s a nice -pay check- of $4K a month. Not too shabby with affiliate marketing, is it? Let’s say that if you want to make $8,000 a month, you’ll just need to focus on gaining 10,000 subscribers. Do you start to see how SIMPLE it is to make internet marketing work effectively? The truth is, that is the REAL SECRET that all marketing Gurus are using to make money online. So what you really NEED here is: A Domain Name and Hosting A Squeeze Page An Offer To Entice Your Visitors To Subscribe An Autoresponder To Efficiently Manage Your List Well, basically that’s all you need to have to get yourself started. I guess the missing piece to complete this system is driving fresh traffic. And interestingly, that is the easiest part of all! You see, most people struggle to get traffic is because they’re looking at it from the wrong angle. They’re trying their best to gain traffic for -free-. There’s nothing wrong with that, but let me explain to you why it’s not an advisable method- Let’s assume you’ve just opened a new caf in your neighborhood. How do you promote your business – conventionally? You could probably do any of these campaigns: Run ads in your local newspaper Buy ad space in your local food review magazines Print out flyers to be distributed If you study the list above carefully, it’s about spending money to get the prospect! Just because the internet is free, it doesn’t mean that -everything- is free! If we start treating our online business as a business, we’ll start to plan things differently. There is an unlimited amount of traffic on the internet for you to buy. For a start, you can simply buy traffic directly from Facebook. By just using Facebook, you’ll probably have enough traffic to run your entire business. So when smart affiliates are promoting affiliate programs, here’s what it will look like: Promote affiliate programs in the email follow ups or with mass mailout! I’m not sure if the other Guru’s have shared this information with you before, but this is truly the biggest secret to internet marketing. This is the exact same formula that I have used to build my internet business empire for the past 10 years. For More Information Click Here: 6o