Social Networking Sites And Emoticons

Now a day with social networking, a new social media character has started building in us. The social media has encroached in every facet of our life and became the fastest way of remaining in touch with our loved ones while living far. This new habit of social networking has even drowned television and now days people spend more of their time in social networking then in watching television. Now instead of spending hours on long telephonic conversations now people have developed a new social media lifestyle. The other communication media like radio is used only while driving. Newspaper, magazines and books remain untouched on the table as we are more curious to do Facebook update.

Today, we are so much addicted to these social networking sites that they have become one of the daily chores of our life. Whether in a professional world or personal circle, these social networking sites help us in staying updated with our friends and colleagues. By these social networking sites, we keep ourselves updated about the latest happenings and gossips of our associates.

There is a treasure of unusual symbols on social networking sites that provide so many options to everybody. The chat software of social networking sites is basic and clean easier to use. The social networking sites offer different tools for interesting conversation. Such tools can be found by hidden shortcut keys that help in creating different emoticons on the chat interface. Even some companies have added their own versions of faces and objects that can be viewed with shortcut keyboard keys.

The text symbols are also popular in chat rooms. The most common one is the “@” which is used for referring specific individual. So if you want to refer someone then this symbol is used. RT is another symbol, which is the shortened version of “ReTweet”. This is used to tell the followers about what someone else had said. You want to send a private message to your friend then just type “d username yourmessage”. This way you can send a direct message to your friend and nobody else will be able to view it.

So many chat emoticons are used on social networking sites by different people to express different emotions according to the situations. The use of these emoticons has made the conversation livelier and fun to do. As the usage is different so the opinion about every character and symbol also vary. Some people use special characters like heart while talking with their loved one while others prefer to use basic smile faces. Some people like to use different and cool emoticons in their chat sessions, as they want their chat to be unique and interesting.

Even there is the widespread use of emoticons, symbols, characters on forums and blogs. It shows how real and strong is the staying power of the emoticons and special characters. More and more usage and implementation of emoticons and icons in chat rooms and blogs has raised its popularity among net surfers.