Six reasons to choose Cisco Wireless Network Support apple iPhone 5 and other frequency intelligent

Apple announced iPhone 5 news occupy the Cisco 2900 router Cisco 2900 router title each main media. On its release day, tens of thousands of worldwide user queuing to try to buy a new intelligent mobile phone. In view of the enterprise application of iPhone 5 with many improvements, most notably its support for dual band Wi-Fi access. This means that in addition to support the 2.4GHz band, it now also supports 5GHz band. Before some other intelligent mobile phone manufacturers products already have this ability, including Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Support 5GHz band why so important? There are some problems must be 2.4GHz band. These two bands in most parts of the world without the need to apply for a license to use. However, due to the growing trend of BYOD and the widely existing equipment, 2.4GHz band is very crowded, access client capacity problems. Please remember: in the 2.4GHz band only 3 non overlapping channels. Think of all these devices, including smart mobile phone, notebook computer, tablet computer and wireless access point are competing for the available bandwidth, interference between devices. In short, in the 2.4GHz band does not have sufficient capacity to provide access services satisfactory for all of these devices. In addition, 802.11r fast secure roaming standard in iOS 6 has support, which means that the iPhone/iPad is further become the wireless terminal business oriented. I believe more and more client will also support the standard. Who is the next? I think that is based on the Windows8 intelligent terminal operating system or intelligent terminal based on Andriod system, we rub one’s eyes and wait! Sale quantity 5 apple iPhone broke through the 5000000 in a week, we can expect the BYOD trend will continue. With this in mind, I want to share with you how Cisco Wireless network will help your business to the extreme will play performance of the latest intelligent mobile phone. The following are the six reasons for choosing to Cisco Wireless Network I summarize support apple iPhone 5 and other frequency intelligent mobile phone. They can help you optimize network in order to give full play to the potential of intelligent mobile phone. 1 Cisco BandSelect spectrum function oriented to client oriented 5GHz spectrum The BandSelect function can make the 2.4GHz band access traditional on the generation of iPhone, and enable the 5GHz spectrum of cleaner and less crowded to serve the dual frequency iPhone5 new, less interference in the 5GHz spectrum, easy to get more channels and higher data rate. To achieve high quality data connection 2 Cisco ClientLink beamforming and CleanAir active intelligent spectrum ODFM sub carrier using Aironet series wireless access point ClientLink 2 function on any 802.11n client perform beam forming, which means the maximum data transmission rate of iPhone5 chipset with 40MHz bandwidth can be achieved for the 150Mbps. ClientLink 2 also can make the client benefit in the hybrid network equipment of 802.11n and traditional 802.11a/g equipment, the data transmission rate is more efficient. In addition, Cisco CleanAir function can automatically detect and avoid non WiFi jamming equipment, such as cordless phones, microwave ovens and video camera, the occupation of WiFi spectrum operating devices can cause interference, and reduce the client data transmission rate. Air interface communication efficiency 3 Cisco efficient support of high density of client access Cisco optimization can be custom packet scheduler allows wireless access provides a balanced and efficient service round-robin algorithm used for multiple clients. In order to ensure that the air interface communication efficiency, the system will maximize the number of places you can converge to each client packet. Dynamic frequency 4 Cisco 5GHz spectrum selection (DFS) to increase the system capacity Allowed in the regulatory domain case, Cisco allows you to use all possible 5GHz band, 5GHz channel and supports up to 9 40MHz bandwidth. If there is no DFS (dynamic frequency selection), WLAN infrastructure can support 4 40MHz bandwidth channel. Note: in China, the open 5GHz spectrum Co., channel enterprise deployment with 4 20MHz bandwidth. 5 Cisco Bonjour service catalogue and device discovery For your Apple device network service, Cisco Bonjour service directory allows the subnet service (such as Apple TV or support AirPrint printer equipment) found. The features include data packet optimization function, to reduce network traffic of Bonjour protocol. So, if you are a queue to buy the iPhone 5 user, please consider your network may affect the performance of your latest equipment. Need a lot of access terminal equipment in BYOD brings the tide, the network is becoming more and more important, remember, these devices are connected properly will affect your final productivity. Only the correct network to optimize equipment connection and benefit you. 6 Cisco support fast and safe 802.11r roaming As the industry first support 802.11r manufacturers, Cisco will continue to support Wi-Fi Federation testing platform, interoperability testing with a variety of client supplier, to lead and deliver the solution deployment based on 802.11r standards! Experience for mobile wireless network optimization user. Based on the 802.11r standard, the client also no roaming to the target wireless access point, already with a new wireless access point to roaming were shaking hands, it will significantly reduce the time and cost of client roaming roaming. Cisco 2900 series router Cisco 2900 series router