Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Digital Goods Compared To Physical Goods.

Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Digital Goods Compared to Physical Goods.

Fast paced technology advancements has enabled the creation of popular and trendy products that can read more and more digital file formats. The speed at which these products are created and hitting the market has caused prices of such consumer electronics to drop at a substantial rate! Therefore, we can see a lot more consumers traveling around with a single electronic reader compared to carrying multiple physical books.

The rising popularity of consumer’s acceptance towards digital goods over the traditional physical goods gives more and more avenues for authors to create and sell their work. The power and potential for authors to market and sell their work in the digital form has little limitations thus, there are more authors who are willing to create and market their work in the internet now. There are also much benefits for consumers to purchase digital goods as these are provided as immediate downloads after a purchase. With easier online payment modes made available, consumers can easily download and store them inside a portable digital reader.

Some digital products even come with high quality video formats to help consumers understand the topic better and easier. Forums are also made available for consumers to gather and leave comments, creating a huge knowledge base for consumers to learn more. Furthermore, with the wide popularity of consumer electronics that reads more data types, this provides consumers great convenience as an iPod is definitely more stylish, trendy and portable compared to a book. Thus, more and more works are now available only in the digital format and more people are ready to purchase eBooks and eGuides online.

Let’s take a look at the advantages:

1. Unlimited marketing power

Authors who create their work in the digital form can market the product on the internet, allowing authors to reach any person around the world who has connection to the internet. Moreover, the rising trend in online affiliate marketing has given yet another boost in motivating authors to sell their work online. Thus, giving consumers a lot more choices as more and more of such products are made available with each passing day.

2. No Shipping Cost

Consumers can download the goods right after payment, there is no need for additional shipping costs. Compared to getting a physical book delivered from another country at a hefty shipping price, consumers can now obtain the same materials at a much lower cost!

3. No storage costs for sellers leading to Lower prices for consumers

The need for storage place and costs needed to store printed materials is eliminated. Thus, authors have very low start up costs when they publish their work online, which in turn leads to lower prices for consumers.

4. Provides instant download access

As digital materials are uploaded onto the internet and can be easily downloaded with an internet access, consumers can download the products they purchased right after making payment!

5. Instant Gratification

As consumers can make immediate downloads after payment, consumers can enjoy the instant gratification when they purchase such products. In the past, it would have taken a few days up to a few weeks(depending on geographical locations) should you have made purchases for physical goods to be delivered to you from another country.

6. High quality products

With improving technologies, high quality digital e-Books, e-Guides, e-zines, softwares, audio, video and are being made available in more and more file formats with each passing day!

7. Forum access

Some authors even create a forum for you to discuss similar topics with consumers all around the world who are facing the same issues or problems in their daily lives! Consumers get to share personal experiences from applying the knowledge gained from purchased digital content in their attempts to improve their lives in one way or another and thus, the forum serves as a database full of great lessons learnt for other consumers in the same plight.

8. Compatible with trendy consumer electronics

As quality of digital material improve and are made available in more file formats, consumer electronics are also created to read more file formats. Therefore, almost all of such products are compatible with available trendy consumer electronics in the market now. This allows consumers more choice in choosing their preferred consumer electronic device to carry their purchased digital goods!

9. Convenience

It is highly convenient for consumers to make purchases from the internet with the growing ease of online payment modes made available! Consumers also find convenience in the ease of downloading and obtaining the purchased goods as well as in the portability of such products. Nowadays, many consumers carry a single digital device to meet various needs in their lives. And the good thing is, these products can be carried along in these digital devices! Thus, we see the growing acceptance towards digital goods compared to physical goods.

10. Prevent embarrassing moments, picking up a sensitive issue from the local bookstore or reading in public places.

Ever felt embarrassing having to pick up a book with sensitive contents? Well, with the availability of digital e-books, e-zine and e-guides, we will never have to go through the same situation again! Be it health issues, sensitive relationship or sexual issues, we can almost always find such topics in the digital form for any topics you can think of. Furthermore, with a digital device, you will not have to face another strange look from passer-bys who can tell what content you’re reading from the book cover itself!

There is one disadvantage or threat of digital goods that is, data stored in the computers or other digital devices can be lost due to virus or malfunctioning of the digital devices. However, this problem can be easily be prevented! With the prices of digital storage devices like USB thumbdrives and harddisks dropping and depreciating with rapid technological advancements, you can obtain an additional digital storage device at a very low price to store a backup copy of every such products you purchased.

Catch up with technological advancements, go digital!