Prosense WordPress Seo Adsense Theme

The ProSense seo wordpress theme created by Dosh Dosh is a free wordpress theme, that may allow you to simply add Google Adsense commercial to your internet blog; whereas preserving the major engines like google in mind.

The WordPress ProSense theme also is available in three different colors, however it may be easily adjusted as long as you recognize some fundamental css and html coding. Out of the box the ProSense theme is fairly decent, however could use a couple of tweaks to optimize earnings with Google adsense and enhance your over all search engine rank.

The first thing that I recommend to do is edit the sidebar.php so that the pages, publish, class, meta, etc… don’t use the tag.
What you will see, is that I eliminated the h2 tag and replaced it with a div tag. Inside the div tag additionally, you will discover that I used the attribute class=sidebartitles1, what this can mean you can do name that specific navigation unit contained in the style.css file. Additionally as a special notice, you need to name every div tag a special name for each navigation tab, for instance the classes tab = sidebartitles1, pages tab = sidebartitles2.

One other way to optimize your ProSense wordpress theme, to copy the code out of your title tag which is situated inside the header.php and pasting it inside the h1 tag located additional down the header.php file.

After you save your header.php file, go to the single.php file and delete this line: