Online Shopping In India Is Growing At Fast Pace

According to a study conducted by Nielsen on the online shopping trend, it was found that approximately 875 million people had shopped online in 2011, a rise of almost 40% over 627 million shoppers recorded in 2009. This reiterated the fact that about 85 percent of internet users have at some point of time shopped for some product or other online. Out of these approximately 60% of these shoppers chose to pay via credit card, while others selected other means of payment.

With an increase in the number of internet users in India, online shopping in India is fast becoming the second most preferred online activity after mailing and browsing. This fact has been supported by an Indian Online Landscape study for the year 2011 that highlights that there has been 28 % increase in internet consumers over 2010.

In comparison to the west, online shopping in India is still at a nascent stage but it is growing fast. This is more so because of lack of internet penetration, moreover Indians are little hesitant about using their credit card online. Moreover, the other reasons being online frauds, delivery of faulty products, delayed consignment delivery to name a few. Many consumers make use of debit card, afraid that their credit card details and other financial data might be misused online. To counter these fears customers need to shop from genuine websites that offer payment protection gateways like VeriSign with SSL protocols.

Today, online shopping sites in India has evolved manifold in comparison to the previous years. These websites are secure and also offer attractive discounts and follows appropriate trade methods. The products on offer too are authentic and there is a reverse logistics teams that efficiently handles any issues of product replacement and returns goods.

Furthermore, online websites offers a testimonial column. Customer feedback and testimonials are bringing about positive changes in online shopping trends in India. Moreover one can compare product and services online before making a purchase decision. Further, with more and more websites offering cash on delivery option has encouraged many people to shop online for product and services. Thus Online shopping in India is here to stay and flourish