Neville Goddard. Best Neville Goddard Audio Mp3 Ebooks.

YES! For all you Neville Goddard fans…Nevilles back!

Here’s how the Neville Goddard audio and Secret of Imagining Collection came into being.

A few years ago I was introduced to this interesting chap called Neville Goddard by another interesting person called Joe Vitale (Thanks Joe!).

The book that got me started on my Neville Goddard journey was “At your Command”. This book opened my mind and I decided to look for an audio version on the Internet…surely there must be one…but there wasn’t!

So, having already learned the process by recording the Master Key System by Charles Haanel, I decided to record and create an At Your Command audio book.

The next step I felt that I had to complete was the Neville Goddard 1948 lessons & lectures.

Once again I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t already an audio version available. That was soon fixed and a couple of months later the job was done. Phew! I released these on the Internet in I think 2006 or early 2007.

Fast forward to 2009. I suddenly became interested in Neville Goddard again and came across an old audio called “The Secret of Imagining”. Well in fact I came across a few different versions and I included by far the best one in the Secret of Imagining collection.

So, inspired once again by Neville, I set out to put together a collection of Neville’s works with the emphasis on his teaching of visualization and feeling.

I searched through all the old files I had collected and sorted out the lectures that were focused on the secret of imagining and I also organised much of the other Neville works I had into a library.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the Neville Goddard Audio Secret of Imagining Collection:

First there are two FREE Neville Goddard audio for you and two videos where I explain how to manifest using Neville Goddard technique and a money manifesting technique I developed.

-The Neville Goddard At Your Command Audios mp3,
-Neville Goddard At Your Command Ebook,
-Neville Goddard 1948 Lessons-lectures Audios mp3,
-Neville Goddard 1948 Lessons-lectures Audios Complete Ebook pdf,
-26 Neville Goddard Secret of Imagining Lecture Pack pdf,
-Your Own 200 Neville Goddard Lecture Library pdf,
-4 additional Neville Goddard Ebooks pdf including:
-Your Faith Is Your Fortune by neville goddard,
-Awakened Imagination by neville goddard,
-The Law and The Promise by neville goddard,
-The Power of Awareness by neville goddard;
AND by me
the Super Money Abundance Audio (From one of my courses),
The Power of Relaxation Talk
and the Alpha Metronome.

Hope that you enjoy this amazing Neville Goddard audio mp3 ebook lecture collection from Neville.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE!