Make The Most Of Your Online Presence With Social Intelligence Applications

The buzzword today is social networking and social intelligence. With the internet boom, social commerce and social gaming offers a unique scope for enterprises to understand their user activities, demographic profiles and other trend behaviors.

Benefits of Social Intelligence Applications

In order to help enterprises make the most ofsocial intelligence, next generation service providers have come up with innovative social intelligence applications. These tools or solutions help to track information across multiple social platforms to keep a tab of customer behavior insights in the ever-fluctuating social media sphere. The aim of most social intelligence apps is to map the social commerce sphere in a broader perspective and attain valuable and real time customer insights. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Easy to get up and operating
Helps in estimating the effectiveness of acquisition campaigns and conducts funnel analysis on viral promotions and features
Helps to monitor virtual currency monetization and trend metrics such as ARPU, ARPPU, conversions, payment type and many others
Enables enterprises to understand trending metrics such as ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) over the last 30 or 60 days, and drill-down by payment type such as Amazon, PayPal, Facebook Credits and the like
Helps product managers attainactionable insightsinto their most-used app features and on the factors that drive monetization to make quick and smart operating decisions
Assists marketers in creating user profiles in order to target and personalize app content to the most-engaged users, such as frequent visitors or frequent purchasers

Social Intelligence and Social Media Analytics

An essential aspect of social intelligence issocial media analyticsthat provides customers and end users with a comprehensive platform for estimating interactive marketing with the help of analyzing, integrating and enabling companies to enact on the intelligence attained by extending their reach, broadening retention and driving greater revenue.

The most sophisticatedsocial media analytics toolsoffer the following services and benefits:
Offers trending views and drill-down capabilities

Provides insights to make smart and quick operating decisions across huge amounts of social data
Leads to acquisition to revenue
Helps in attaining quicker insights into the key influences on the K-Factor and viral campaigns
Helps clients understand what keeps customers engaged, and what levers that can most affect revenues.
As the social media sphere is rapidly increasing with Twitter, Facebook and personal/corporate blogs, social media analytics tools can help users make the most of it.