Improve Your Business Productivity with Advanced Cisco IP Phones 7900 Series

Aristotle said that man is a social animal by nature. He can’t spend entire life alone so tries to run daily matters with the help of others, which may be domestic and official as well. That means he has to interact, communicate, coordinate and collaborate with others. For that he interacts in numerous ways- face to face, via social media, email and telephonic. Same is the case with enterprises as they try to achieve their organizational goals by collective efforts. Large numbers of people give their inputs to run an enterprise successfully. For that they need to communicate with each other and outside the organization with external customers, vendors and suppliers. Face-to-face meeting is conducted when some negotiation or settlement is required and email method is helpful when verbal or detailed information need to be exchanged, for future use. What should be done, when immediate response is required and delay may cause crucial damages to your performance and organization? Definitely you will go with telephonic solution that is quick, reliable, in-time and both parties can discuss in details- so there are less chances of misunderstanding and confusion.

You need a perfect solution that should meet your most demanding corporate requirements without any interruption. Being a customer focused solution provider, Cisco introduced its state-of-the-art unified IP Phone 7900 series. This series astonishingly inherit multiple features so you may enjoy the peace of mind after deploying Cisco IP phones. Let’s have a look over its exciting features:-

Full Featured FWTs Cisco 7900 IP Phone series contains it 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, and 7975G models which have speaker phones and handsets designed specifically for superior quality and wide band audio. These phones have an expanded application suit that support XML and MID let-enabled applications, some models are designed with high-resolution color display, touch screen functions and Gigabit Ethernet switch ports for making communication fast. If you are a knowledge worker, member of administrative staff, manager or executive then Cisco VOIP phones are the best choice for you. These endpoints have dedicated keys to perform multiple functions with ease and simplicity.

Increased Mobility If you need to move about the work place and campus, Cisco offers you its Unified Wireless IP Phone, 7925G, 7925G-EX, and 7926G. These offer you the same robust features and capabilities of equivalent wired IP phones. They can be programed with six extensions or a combination of speed dials.

Rapid Call Management Cisco unified IP Phones 7900 series provides you rapid call management option though its 7931G phone- ideal for commercial and retail environments. This phone guides you the trough call features and functions with twenty four illuminated LED line keys, four dynamic and interactive soft keys. 7931G end-point makes call handling easy with hard-hold, redial and transfer keys. White backlit, pixel-based make display for easy viewing at a glance.

Enhanced Access and Scalability Cisco 7915 and 7916 Expansion Module offers extended call-coverage capabilities for administrative staff. You can manage and monitor call status with additional buttons and LCD screen. You can easily determine the status of different lines beyond the number of lines supported on 7960G, 7961G, 7962G, 7965G, and 7975G models.

Cisco unified IP Phones 7900 series is the best possible telephonic solution for you if your business requires high-definition (HD) voice, vibrant color displays, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and more than basic support for endpoint applications. You can reduce operating and administration cost, increase revenue, improve employee productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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