How You Could Deal with the Spoiled Cat

What Should I Do With a Spoiled Kitten?

I’ve went through this phase of spoiling kittens and in the end, it is not really pretty, or cute, not at all. One thing I know for sure, they are so cute and so huggable and all you want to do is spoil them, (which will become a Hugh problem). This is the one thing you want to be very careful about, love them hug them but DO NOT spoil them, because if you keep spoiling them, they will never listen to you, not now or ever. If you spoil your kitten, they’re going to always ignore what you say, and ignore what you tell them to do.

They are not going to respond when you call their names, they can end up being so spoiled, that this cute, lovable kitten won’t do anything you tell them. They will become the dominant creature in your house, and all they will focus on is destroying your house and your surroundings.

Spoiled kittens will just turn their back on you. They won’t answer to their name when you call them. They will not show you any affection. They are not going to show you any attention. Spoiled kittens only do what they want, when they want. You will never be able to train a spoiled kitten. This will continue to happen, if you keep giving them everything that they want, and not what they need, they will continue to do whatever they want to do.

If you feed them table food, they will turn over your garbage. That’s called spoiling them. If you continue to take them to their water bowl or take them to their food bowl every day, they will come and get you before they go on their own to their kitty litter, water bowl or food bowl.

So you want to stop spoiling them. Set some boundaries and goals for yourself and your kitten so they will know the dos and don’ts, it only takes a couple of weeks to train them.

If you tell them no, make sure you stick with the word no. “No, you can’t do this,” “No, you can’t have that,” because as soon as you give in, they are going to destroy everything you have taught them, and all the goals you have set out to accomplish.

So stop spoiling your kitten. That’s the best way to do it. Set some goals.