How To Write Your Own Profitable Ebook

If you are tired of all those get rich quick money making schemes which never seem to work, here’s something that never fails. If you have a flair for writing decent English you can turn this into a profitable money making opportunity that rakes in the money year after year. Yes, if you create your own e-book and learn the techniques to market it effectively, this is very possible.

Keep it short

Most people have a wrong impression that e-books need to be massive and lengthy in order to command a suitable price. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fact is, e-books are meant to be short. Since they will need to be read on a computer, it’s best to keep them short. No one likes to go through pages after pages of lengthy text and straining their eyes and mind in the process. Most e-books need to have a page length of 25 to 50 pages. Even 100 pages maybe tolerable but beyond that it becomes boring.

The FAQs

If you’re finding it difficult as to what topics to cover in your e-book, look no further than FAQs related to that topic on search engines. So let’s say your e-book talks about a certain species of sea fish. You can search for the most popular FAQs on that topic on some of the popular search engines. That way you get to see exactly what information people are searching for online. By covering these topics you can attract more customers to buy your e-book.

Topics of interest

It is absolutely crucial for your e-book to talk about topics which are sure to get attention. Try and search the Internet for some of the most popular topics today. For example, if you plan on introducing your e-book sometime during fall season, your e-book could talk about fall fashion essentials this season. Or maybe you could talk about what to shop and where at a bargain price! Notice how both these topics are utilitarian in nature. They provide lot of scope to give information, useful tips, ideas etc. So when looking for a central theme or topic, ensure that you choose one which you are familiar with and can provide lot of ideas.

The title

E-books which start with a title that says “How to” or “Great ideas” or “5 top essentials” are huge attention grabbers. By getting the attention of the reader almost half the sale is done. Try using catch phrases. In fact the weirder it is the more attention it will get you. It builds up the curiosity quotient and gets more customers interested.

Sales letter

This is one of the most important aspects if you’re serious about selling your e-book online. You need to have at least 5-10 compelling sales letters which advertise and propagate your e-book. Try and keep these sales letters very short and crisp and with full of catchy phrases. Use attention grabbing tactics. For example if your e-book is about fat loss you could have a sales letter saying “Fit into your old jeans in 30 days flat!” or some other catchy title.

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