How to do Web Hosting

If you have or make a website & you want that other people also
have to see your website then it is very necessary to publish your
website on internet server. In general, taking a space on web server for
your website file is called web hosting.

Servers are high powered computers which store your website files in it
& making accessible your website to the users via the World Wide
Web. When anyone type your web address, that time internet connect to
the server where your web file stored & transfer your website to the
user computer.

Web hosting service companies are providing web
hosting service for your website on their server with internet
connectivity. Web hosting may be free for personal web page with minimum
processing & business web hosting are rented& will be higher
expense depend on size & type of site.

Domain name:
As we have our home, office or company, address like this Website also
has some address that is called domain or we can say domain is company
internet address. So, on internet your website will be found by that
address only.

Types of web hosting:

If you are going to
take hosting for your website then first think & make a list that
what is your requirement, like: How much space, what bandwidth, Web
mail, Email alias, auto responder, URL redirect, do you need?

After that check that your hosting provider company has any redundant
power supply, if power failure & what are they doing against virus
& they will take regular back up or not. Check Uptime also.

is the server running time. It is in percentage like 99.9% uptime. If
it is high means server running time is high & your website is
operating fully for use. So check uptime also, if it is less than your
website operation will break for more time.