Does Google Sniper 2.0 Work

I have surprised myself that I have written a Google Sniper 2.0 review. I am extremely cynical when it comes to so called affiliate marketing systems, and yet I felt compelled to give George Brown’s Google Sniper system a go. Hopefully you will find my experiences and tips useful in any purchasing decision.

The Google Sniper system was developed by George Brown, and the marketing around the system makes some fairly bold claims about the earning potential. It is based on creating lots of small mini blogs that earn you an income through with affiliate product offers. These are referred to as Sniper sites. By following the process you can create these sniper sites very quickly, and have them rank on that all important first page of Google, with minimal of effort or without the requirement to do lots of traffic generation.

To provide this Google Sniper review with context, let me give you some background. I have been doing a little bit of internet marketing for a couple of years, to varying degrees of success. So I purchased Google Sniper 2.0 with some trepidation. Anything that claims you can make $10,000 a month one has to take with a pinch of salt. There are a lot of distractions around internet marketing, and I decided I need to take action and find a process and system that works. In addition, I was curious what information was in the Google Sniper system that I did not already know.

When you purchase the system you get given access to a main members area. In here, George Brown has laid out, in very clear detail, the step by step process you need to take to make money on line. This consists of a 108 page manual, loads of step by step videos, bonus material and a process map.

The manual itself is extremely detailed, and explains each step of the process clearly. The videos walk you through each stage and are easy to follow. I think it is suitable for newbies and for internet marketing experts, since it clarifies some areas for those of us with existing knowledge.

The steps are broken down in to manageable chunks, covering finding products and keywords, creating WordPress sites, optimising those sites for search engines, and writing your posts to maximise sale conversions. There are additional stages that show you how to create extra traffic, including using YouTube.

What I found refreshing about the whole system is the clarity. Having been dabbling in internet marketing for a couple of years, I found it useful to narrow down and focus on only the essential elements of creating and optimizing sites. This results in speedy set up and turnaround, leaving you more time to focus on the keyword research – which is probably the most essential part.

The real test of any system is does it work. I applied to techniques outlined, and created my first Sniper blog 2 weeks ago and followed the template for creating posts to my blog that convert. I am happy to report that I am on Page 1 (in the top 3) for my main keyword, and have had two sales already on that one site, within a week and a half. So yes, it does work. I am now concentrating on Keyword research to create more sniper sites, now I have tested the system out.

I recommend Google Sniper 2.0 for beginners and experienced affiliate and internet marketers alike, from my own experience I can testify that it does work. Will you earn $10,000? Well, probably not overnight, but the potential to earn money is limited only by how much work you are willing to put in. What George Brown has done is created a system that is proven and works and process that you can follow, and repeat, creating as many sniper sites as you like