Dingoo A330 Or Gemei A330, Which Is Fake One

PickEgg, one of the biggest online wholesale electronic stores, after the hot-selling of Dingoo a320, there are now the time comes into the Dingoo a330. However, there are at least three kinds of a330, Dingoo digital a 330, Dingoo tech a330, the gemei a330 and so on. Buyers are confused which is the genuine one. It is in fact, there is no difference when playing with them each. To me, it just the difference in name, and of course, I am an amateur when compare with the game players.

Well, how the differences come out? According to my friend, who is an internal employee of this company, said there are dingoo digital, gemei and ingenics all worked on the software, design and hardware (respectivley) of the a320. Something happened earlier this year and some of the original dingoo digital team left and started up dingoo technology. They released the a330 which is pretty much identical to the a320 but in a knock off psp case. Both teams claim that they have rights to the name and the software, but it is widely thought that the teams behind the dingoo a330 are unscrupulous in one way or another.

Gemei have worked with the remaining dingoo digital again, and this time recruited chinachip as the hardware manufacturer to make the gemei a330. If you’re going to get one or the other (gemei a330 or dingoo a330) then get the gemei version (this one). If you think the name is important, and also created by most member of the initial Dingoo team, then you would think gemei a330 is more advanced than the dingoo tech a330, but not in actually.

On Pickegg, there are only two kinds of Dingoo a330, the DT-A330 and gemei a330 . The former may have totally different software than that of the A320/DT-A330, for it doesn’t have nearly as much support as the other two. As I mentioned before, DT-a330 offered by the company Dingoo technology,which left from dingoo digital team and become an independent company.
The other one is the Gemei A330. It’s essentially a Dingoo A320 in a different shell, which is considered by most to be the true successor to the Dingoo A320. The Gemei A330 is a Chinese handheld that supports game emulation, video and audio playback, Ebook text reading, voice recording and many other functions. The main difference from the A320 is that it has 32 more MB of RAM for use in Dingux. And it has the capability of using a wireless controller in TV-Out mode. Also, there is a problem with the native Neogeo emulator on these models (though you can still use the neogeo emulator on Dingux with it).

The Dingoo (Tech) A330 (the PSP knockoff case) was considered by most to be a ‘fake’, and apparently it’s running hacked firmware. That might also explain why the extra RAM in that console cannot be used by the original firmware. Anyway, people are already using A330 for the Dingoo Technology device, and also the using experience is excellent.

The GA330 for the Gemei device is in fact the Dingoo Digital re-brand of the GA330. It’s almost certain that this Dingoo digital A330 is the same as the Gemei A330. However, “Dingoo A330” is confusing, due to Dingoo Tech’s model, and using either “Gemei A330” or “Dingoo Digital A330” is going to make it confusing for newcomers.