Data Exchange The Most Happening Thing In Social Media

The rise of the Internet, Social Networking and Mobile Technology has advanced us past traditional communication methods. You will no longer observe people sticking to their cellphones talking anymore. On the contrary what one is sure to observe these days is the use of cellphones to send out facebook or twitter updates.

So it seems, and it should come as no surprise, that the way in which we communicate more frequently is reliant on more data exchange than a telephone exchange. No wonder one of the most valuable commodities on the market is data. User information, trends, market research, and more are all data that get traded regularly. But where is this going to take us?

Telcos are some of the undisputed giants of our world, in fact, the worlds wealthiest man is a Telco mogul but what were seeing is a dramatic shift towards an emphasis of data, over calls.

In Japan, theyre already using data-only provisions to connect and communicate, with their Telco providers ahead of the shift towards a data-driven society. The Telco moguls have already understood the importance of data and have already started using its potential. Diversification from voice to data is like a homecoming but people exchange more than data over the networks these days thus the technology has to be revisited and made best so that users are glued like kids are to video games.

Data, as it seems, has become our most important resource. It is the link between us and the rest of the world, and VOIP services like Skype should gain strength over time forcing us to be a phoneless society, and more a data-exchange society. It has already started phones are being used less for taking and making calls as the other applications and browsers available even in the very basic phones are quite captivating. Moreover the networks have reworked themselves to give their best to the customers even before they ask for it.

Starbucks completely embracing free Wifi as its source of entertainment for its customers, we expect a giant shift towards data becoming a competitive industry, as it becomes an absolute necessity for modern human life.

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