Creating an effective About Me page for your eBook business on eBay

Just skip all the stuff and start listing your products, that’s probably the advice most eBay experts would give you, but not me. The most important aspect of your internet eBay business when selling eBooks is your overall account appearance. Think about how many more sales you get as a PowerSeller, or even just a regular member with fifty plus positive feedback. The amount that trust plays in customers making a purchase cannot be underestimated. Therefore it is important to build an eBay account that gives every potential customers as much of a chance to get to know you as possible. The about me page is a easy way to make this happen, and best of all, is free for your to use.

Since you are selling eBooks on eBay the about me page should be as appropriate towards your niche as possible. This means you don’t want to just talk about your favorite kind of food, or your pet dog, but about your expertise in selling electronic publications such as eBooks. The more eBooks you sell on eBay the more users that will potentially be able to view your about me page. This is the only page on your visible eBay profile that will allow for you to list a website link. This is crucial to help boost business for free. If you have a website, make sure to include it in the about me page. If you don’t yet have a website, you should at least build a small one to cultivate email address, and get customer feedback, once this is built, make sure the link gets put on your about me page on eBay.

The other thing that the about me page is good for is promoting customer loyalty. Make sure to further your brand by telling customers your vision, and promise for their eBook needs. Talk about how you want to sell them a eBook every week that will help them with various parts of their life. Give them an idea of what type of discounts frequent customers can achieve, and where to sign up for such discounts. The more details you give your customers on the about me page the better off you will be when it comes to long term eBook sales on eBay.

Lastly make sure to put all relevant contact information on your about me page. This is as important as any other element on the page. If you feel comfortable enough, feel free to leave your home phone number, and personal email address. This information will help customers get in touch with you when they are ready to make a purchase. Once the about me page is setup, watch as sales start to increase on your eBook sales on eBay.