Breast Massage Instructions – The Lovers Guide To Sensual Breast Massage Pleasure

Breast massage instructions should be part of male (and female) everyday learning. It’s that important.

Not only is sensual breast massage a great way to increase energy and circulation of the breasts, but it is also a way to nurture self (breasts are a very maternal and emotionally charged area), and a great way for a man to give pleasure, healing and intimacy to his partner.

Breasts are wonderful things, fascinating to men and women alike. Unique, powerful and symbolic of femininity, love, passion, motherhood, sustenance, warmth, healing and pleasure. Breast massage is therefore a fantastic way to nurture and pleasure your lover (or yourself – if you are a woman!)

To give a great breast massage, a little anatomical instruction may be useful. These majestic lovelies are made up of fibrous tissue and a layer of fat; they are also very rich in blood and lymph (tissue fluid). Breast massage instructions are therefore essential to keep blood, tissue fluid, heart energy and sexual energy circulating throughout the body.

Ancient texts such as the Kama Sutra and the Tao detail the importance of breast massage to ensure a woman’s health and satisfaction. One of the biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom is to ignore the breasts or to give them minimum attention.

If this is you – hang your head in shame, and then keep reading.

According to the kama sutra: ” no part of the beloved’s body should be neglected. Her lover should make it his duty to discover them and to reveal to his mistress all the pleasure she can receive from them”

Prepare your breast massage by setting a wonderful and sensual environment. A great lover gets his or her tool ready before hand:

1. Keep your lighting soft or use candles

2. Prepare towels and a sheet to cover for modesty

3. Get good quality oils (oil, sesame, almond) ideally organic and cold-pressed extra virgin. Avoid essential oils on the breasts and intimate areas.

4. Get a glass or plastic container to hold the oil. Place this container in a bowl of warm water to heat up the oil.

How to Give a Sensual Breast Massage

Start by pouring a little of the warmed oil into your hands (always check the temperature of the oil before hand to prevent burns).

Rub your hands together, and place a hand on each breast, moving your right hand in a clockwise direction and your left hand in a counter clockwise direction. Massage the breasts in circles for at least 10 minutes.

Now focus on one breast at a time, moving from the nipple outwards towards the shoulder keeping the energies circulating around the body. Lavish love and attention to each breast for about 5-10 minutes.

Do not forget or neglect the very sensitive skin underneath and above the breasts. Make a large circular massage motion from under the breast, up and around the top part of the breast under the collar bone.

End the breast massage by placing each hand on each breast again, the right hand moving clockwise direction and the left hand moving in an anticlockwise direction. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

Finally place one or both hands gently between the breasts just above the heart. Close your eyes and imagine love energy from your heart moving down your arm into your hand(s) and into your lover’s heart. Co-ordinate your breathing to deepen intimacy. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Ladies you don’t need a partner to get a wonderful, sensual and loving breast massage. Take the time to prepare your environment just as you would if with a partner, and finish with a heart healing visualisation to give your self healing and love. Over time you will feel an increase in self-love, sensuality, emotional healing and bliss.