Are Banner Ads Becoming Outdated

Every internet user knows what a banner advertisement is and what the most common ones look like. Banner ads are the long, rectangular, box shaped advertisements that are usually displayed at the top or the bottom of a webpage. According to some internet marketers, banner ads are a thing of the past. According to others, banner ads are just beginning to use their potential and have a promising future ahead in the online advertising world.

Banner ads have been being used by internet advertisers since the 1990s. It was near the end of the 1990s that they started to become a popular form of advertising on the internet. Beginning in the early 2000s the use of banner ads on the internet skyrocketed. The features and capabilities of banner ads have been improving along with technology but some still say that banner ads are going to become outdated sooner rather than later.

The truth of the matter is that banner ads are going to be around for a long time because they are not disappearing, they are simply changing and evolving. Banners are seen far less frequently in the form of text ads than they used to be but that does not mean that banners are not being used, they are just being used in different ways. Banners now contain polls to help internet marketers with their research and they even contain games and videos for their users to play and watch.

Social media networks are becoming one of the most popular places on the internet to advertise on and they use banner ads, just not in the commonly associated shape of a rectangle. They mostly use square shaped boxes to display their ads because it allows them to fit more ads on a page than a banner does and it gives them more options on where on a webpage to place an advertisement. These are just banner ads in a different form than people are used to. Banner ads cannot be outdated because they are real life examples of the latest and greatest technology available on the web.

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