Alternative Medicine for Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections result in millions of visits to doctors offices every year resulting in antibiotics being prescribed for the majority of those cases. The majority of those who suffer from urinary tract infections are women and approximately 20% will have a second infection. Having a second infection will make her vulnerable to a third and a fourth. In other words, each infection increases her chances of getting another.

Mainstream medicine’s approach to this issue is to prescribe antibiotics to alleviate the problem. But that presents a problem of it’s own. Since urinary tract infections occur several times resulting in antibiotics being prescribed several times, the overuse of those antibiotics can lead to the formation of an antibiotic resistant superbug, making those antibiotics partially and frequently totally ineffective.

Those in the scientific community have been keenly aware of the superbug theory and are working feverishly to discover an alternative to the issue. During their research, they discovered that preventing bacteria from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract made it possible to prevent and treat an infection. So the next question is, How Do We Do That ?

From their research, they were able to discover a compound that would prevent bacteria from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract. They labeled it FimH inhibitors. But the process of development and turning it into a drug is going to take years and you can bet it will be expensive when it hits the market. And it will undoubtedly come with several side effects.

Now lets see how this whole process is supposed to work. We will have to wait years for the production of a drug to be developed that might work. And this new drug will come with a high price tag and numerous side effects that could cause more problems down the line.

Most urinary tract infections are caused by the E. Coli bacteria. In order for an infection to occur, the E. Coli bacteria has to attach itself to the cells lining the bladder or the urethra (the tube that carries the urine out of the body). The strain of E. Coli that has been the most successful at causing a urinary tract infection has developed a complex set of adhesive molecules that act like tiny suction cups to attach themselves to the tissue of the urinary tract. Once those adhesive molecules become attached to the tissue of the urinary tract, they immediately start to reproduce. This causes irritation and the typical symptoms of an infection like burning, painful urination, and a sense of urgency to urinate. If the infection spreads to the kidneys, it can cause additional problems like lower back pain, fever, and chills.

The common medical treatment has been the use of antibiotics. The bad news is antibiotics can’t kill 100% of the organisms in an infection so those that survive become antibiotic resistant. A few generations of bacteria later, widespread resistance to multiple antibiotics will have occurred. Scientists are sounding the alarm that generations of superbugs are emerging that will be immune to any antibiotic.

The antibiotic superbug issue has already begun to rear it’s ugly head. How many times have you heard someone say ” The antibiotics I took didn’t work” or “I had to take several doses before I got results”.

We all know it’s easier to prevent an illness than is to treat an existing illness that has taken hold and sometimes caused damage to an organ.

So lets talk about prevention. If we can prevent a urinary tract infection we can eliminate all those painful and unpleasant symptoms. And we can also eliminate all those drug associated side effects. If we are going to eliminate drug related side effects, that means we are going to eliminate drugs. Sounds good to me.

Scientists have been studying cranberry extracts for for over 40 years and they have made some very interesting discoveries. Studies have shown when people supplement with Organic Cranberry Juice or Cranberry Supplements, their urine takes on the ability to block bacteria from adhering to the cells lining the bladder, urethra, or the vagina.

Going natural accomplishes several tasks:

1. It eliminates the need for antibiotics.

2. It eliminates the potential side effects.

3. It curtails the formation of antibiotic resistant superbugs.

4. It is a healthier approach.

5. It treats and prevents dangerous urinary tract infections.

If you are concerned about recurrent urinary tract infections, you should consider whole fruit concentrate that provides at least 36mg per day of Proanthocyanidins or Organic Cranberry Juice. I think I just got a smile from Mother Nature.