Ad Blast The World Review

Sean Clark is a professional Internet Marketer and is the man behind Ad Blast the World. This program allows members to immediately start to build their own double opt-in lists, with the end goal of realizing an increase in sales for not just their own promotions but for affiliate marketing products as well. One of the benefits of going double opt-in is that you can’t even be accused of spamming, at least as a general rule. This system works in the Co-Registration principle. This program collects the names, email addresses and occasionally phone numbers for people who fill out your lead capture form.

Typically these folks are trying to register for something. When filling out your form, they will indicate what they are interested in. By doing this they are giving you permission to send them other related offers related to these interests. However you aren’t allowed to email these people anything until they officially confirm that they want to receive offers from you. They will not be considered a viable lead until they reconfirm their interest. This filters out the tire tickers and makes these leads legitimate double opt-in leads.

This company offers different lead packages and pricing options to its customers. If you want 50,000 new leads every week you can get them for only $49.95 per month, but keep in mind that you’ll be sharing leads with other Ad Blast the World members. If you want more exclusive leads that aren’t even 24 hours old you can get these as well but they are $600.00. However the owners claim that no one else will receive these leads but you. Almost all the leads they sell are in the Online Business Vertical, and the owners claim that only a few members will be sharing these leads. However they also claim that these leads won’t be distributed to too many people, how many I’m not sure but I’m certain if you wrote and asked them they would tell you.

So far the customer feedback seems to indicate that people who spent money on their exclusive lead packages, even though they costed a lot more and there were so much less as far as quantity goes, had better overall results. The folks who purchased the larger quantity of leads and sent them email offers as a general rule didn’t do so hot with them. However the folks who purchased the larger quantity lead packages and implemented a 2 step approach by giving them something free at first in order to develop a relationship with them also did pretty well.